Business Website Design & SEO

web-designInspired Design provides professional and affordable business website design & SEO for Denver and Colorado businesses.

Many businesses and entrepreneurs do not have a website. It can be intimidating and daunting to find a web design company to develop a business website that is functional, handsome and affordable.

Professional Small Business Website Design

You can rely on Inspired Design’s experience and candor to provide:

  • Professional Custom Website
  • A Responsive and Mobile-Ready Design
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Results-Driven Performance
  • Valued Relationships

After the free consultation(s) to fact-find and determine your website requirements, Inspired Design will provide a written quote for website design and SEO. The required deposit is 50% and the balance is due before the website is launched.

Functional and Creative Design

Websites should be easy to navigate, offer informative content, be expressive of the business and be affordable. Your also receive a responsive website design for all sizes of screens and mobile-ready for smart phones.

Today’s technology-focused website design has nearly taken over and left out other important skills. Developing an online story for your businesses also requires good writing and story-telling. Simply creating a website with the latest in high-tech widgets is not sufficient.

In order to tell your business story well and present your business in an appealing way, it’s wise to involve someone who has a broader skill set than simply being computer-savvy.

Business Website Writing and Editing

Content is very important to the success of a website — for your readers and for search engine optimization and social media engagement.

Text that is not well-written will not hold attention. And lacking relevant text will not satisfy search engines that use text to define and rank websites (read more about search engine optimization). There are many fine-looking websites that receive little traffic.

Generally speaking, writing is the weakest area for most web designers — and writing for the web is challenging. It’s not much fun and it’s time consuming, but it is a vital aspect of a quality, well-designed site.

Search Engine Optimization


Search engine optimization is both art and science. To cause a particular website to rank high in the various search engines for particular words and phrases requires skill, effort and experience.

I perform search engine optimization on sites I design. It is included in the All-Inclusive Website Service. Search engine optimization is highly competitive. With the explosive growth in this field many individuals and companies are selling SEO services. Much of what is sold as SEO is not always necessary and is usually costly. Inspired Design sticks to what works based on experience.

Social Media Integration

Social media engagement can be important in today’s Internet marketing. However, most social media companies offer expensive monthly packages and it’s not aways necessary or effective. Inspired Design can build your Google Business, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter social media outlets and integrate them into your website. We aren’t a social media marketing agency, however, we can help you get your social media set up for effective marketing with your website.