Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEOInspired Design provides professional and affordable Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Denver and Colorado businesses.

Search engine optimization is both art and science. To cause a particular website to rank high in the various search engines for particular words and phrases requires skill, effort and experience.

Search Engine Optimization That Works

Search engine optimization is highly competitive. With the explosive growth in this field many individuals and companies are selling SEO services. Much of what is sold as SEO is not always necessary and is usually costly. Inspired Design sticks to what works based on experience.

There are only 10 organic listings on the first page of Google. There may be dozens, even hundreds of competitors using SEO to get within those 10 spots. Inspired Design can help your business wesbite get noticed on the major search engines with time-tested optimization techniques.

Search Engine Optimization That’s Affordable

Inspired Design provides affordable SEO services and leaves out the fluff. The philosophy is different than other SEO companies and the results are excellent.

You can rely on Inspired Design SEO to provide:

  • Professional SEO
  • Affordable SEO Pricing
  • Results-Driven SEO Performance
Inspired design SEO techniques have proven to be effective over many years. Inspired Design’s SEO service can perform search engine optimization for Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, etc., or on a nationwide scale.

SEO companies don’t normally distinguish between local SEO and nationwide SEO. Inspired design provides a local-only SEO service for two reasons:

  1. Speed. Local SEO helps small business websites compete with larger businesses by leveling the playing field more quickly for top search engine results. Many small businesses do not need national SEO exposure.
  2. Cost. Local SEO plans are more affordable because they aren’t loaded with unnecessary services.

Affordable SEO rates
It has been confirmed time and again that Inspired Design’s fees for search engine optimization are low. SEO service fees of $1,000 per month and more are common. Inspired Design favors small businesses by keeping SEO rates low in order to compete effectively in the massive Internet search field.

Search engine ranking reports
Inspired Design will proactively monitor your website for search engine ranking, make changes when necessary to improve your rankings, and provide written reports for your review. The objective is to get your website ranked within the Top 10 to Top 20 listings on as many of the of the major search engines as possible (Google, Bing, Yahoo!) without using pay-per-click advertising.

Guaranteed SEO results
Rarely do SEO companies guarantee results. Regardless of the sales pitch, no SEO company has control over the proprietary search engine algorithms. Google periodically changes their search algorithm and knocks things out whack. Google does this to provide better search results, however these changes often throw previously high-ranking websites down in ranking.

While we can’t guarantee a first-page ranking, we are confident enough in our SEO service to offer a written guarantee. The guarantee varies dependent upon the particular business and keyword phrases.

Search engine optimization on websites we design
We will perform search engine optimization for a lower rate on websites we design because we can do a significant amount of search engine optimization work at the same time.

Denver SEO service ~ targeted search engine optimization for nationwide results or for Colorado, Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins.

Understanding some basics about search engines will help you think like they do and make your website optimization more appealing to search algorithms.

Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!, Bing) are not website directories. They are an amalgamation of websites all over the world that provide unsorted results based on words and phrases. They don’t alphabetize or sort by categories.

If you understand how to effectively search the web as a user, you can better understand how to more effectively write copy for your website. The trick is to think like a search engine.

Below are a few basic tips and parameters about search engines:

  • Think in terms of phrases, not single words.
  • “Organic” listings mean the main listings in the center of the page, not the listings at the side, top or bottom. You can’t simply purchase top organic listings.
  • Purchasing paid listings do not help your organic rankings. It has been said so, but we have not experienced it in practice.
  • Trading links with websites that are not relevant to your field have little, if any, impact for search engine rankings.
  • Google’s Page Ranking (PR) is not the gold standard in SEO for small business. We have many sites on the first page of Google that have a low PR rank. This is often used as a sales pitch to sell large contracted monthly fees to perform link building and other services in order to get a higher PR. It doesn’t necessarily translate into high organic listings. It is far more difficult for small businesses to receive a high Page Rank than large businesses because much of the ranking is based on sheer volume of traffic.
  • Search engine optimization is an ongoing process. Website ranking can bounce up and down. It’s not static.
  • Loading up the “keyword” meta tag with keywords to get good search rankings is not effective. The keyword meta tag is rarely used by search engines today, and Google does not use it at all. They’ve stated so. Search engines rely on the relevancy of text, longevity, and traffic to define and place websites in their search results.
  • All-graphic websites look nice, but it won’t help you get noticed in search engines.There are many websites with graphic intensive layouts and barely any text that are high-ranking. However, these sites are nearly always larger businesses that easily attract lots of traffic simply because they are known, or businesses that have been on the Internet a long time and have already established a good Google rank. Think of them as being ‘grandfathered in’. Owners of new websites have to work harder at getting ranked high in search engines.

Denver search engine optimization specialist; SEO in Denver and Colorado ~ understanding how search engines work.

We differ in philosophy about website development and the use of social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.).

  • Just because social media technology is available doesn’t mean it will be effective technology for your business.
  • How much Twittering will one do that is actually productive marketing?
  • Will your social media be used in an effective and continuous way, or will it be underused and underdeveloped, making your business look as though it isn’t going well?

Social media has been over-emphasized and over-sold by some web development companies. Many businesses have paid large sums of money for new-wave, high-tech websites and social media packages and discovered they aren’t cost effective. There are thousands of businesses with Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube channels, etc., that are in the social media graveyard.

These are fine technologies, but doing the basics of great design with good content, and quality SEO, is often overlooked for the sake of the latest social media technology.

Inspired Design will work with you and discuss if using social media can be effective for your business and implement them if they can be helpful.